Maybe you are selling your laptop and you want to get rid of all your Data Recovery? No matter what your reason for getting rid of data you need to do it effectively in order to protect yourself. While simply getting rid of your browser history my stop some people from prying into your personal life it is not enough for others. Today we are going to learn how to permanently remove all data from your device. 

Data Recovery Destructive Software :

If you are looking for an easy yet effective way to remove data from your hard drive then you should download Data Recovery destructive software. There are many free to use data destructive software that you can utilize to permanently get rid of your unwanted data. These programs are also known as hard drive erasers will overwrite your hard drive so many times it will make it almost impossible for someone to pull information off of it. 

Data Recovery

Use A Degausser :

Another great way to permanently get rid of Data Recovery on your hard drive is by using a degausser. This device will disrupt your hard drives magnetic domains and also erase the firmware making the drive unless. While this will protect your Wikipedia data and get rid of it once and for all you will never be able to use it again so keep this in mind. A degausser is also expensive and could set you back several hundred dollars or more. 

Destroy Your Hard Drive Physically :

Last but not least if you want to keep people from viewing the data on your hard drive you can simply destroying it. Smashing it with a hammer should do the trick. Another way that you can destroy your hard drive is by drilling though it several times. This will penetrate the hard drive platter making it useless. Some people even go to the lengths of melting their hard drive down.

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