Open Cloud Test Bed Bolsters Big Data Recovery Services Innovation By Establishing An Amazing Cloud Computing Infrustructure Open cloud test bed has bolstered big data innovation by setting up a new cloud computing infrustructure. This amazing initiative will serve as a virtual laboratory for Data Recovery Services research personnel as well as innovators in the United States. They will be able to carry out numerous experiments on how to protect large amount of information to enhance data security. This extraordinary infrustrusture will help many people, companies and state agencies in protecting vital data. 

The project will commence as a collaboration of different researchers. However, with time it will become a fully independent non-profit entity that will continue to provide solutions to myriads of problems related to Data Recovery Services security. It will slowly evolve from prototype to advanced level, thereby achieving self sustaining operation. Stakeholders from different areas such as industry, government, academic and many more will be involved. 

The new innovation is very costly because of the huge amount of cash that it requires for successful operation. Setting up the infrustructure has already cost stakeholders a lot of money. It is still receiving funding from various sources including donations from philanthropists. It is an initiative that is expected to revolutionize computer industry hence the need for combined efforts to make it successful. 

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This fantastic initiative is based on Open Cloud eXchange model. In this kind of model, software, hardware as well as other services can be bought, supplied and resold by a large number of participants. Such people include existing providers and start-up innovators. To add on, the infrustructure will feature an open based and customizable approach to both the design and operation of cloud computing. 

One of the persons behind its design stated that if the model succeeds, other clouds are likely to follow their model. This will absolutely change the nature of cloud computing. The designer wrote that this awesome model will serve like a public cloud marketplace where many people (stakeholders) will take part in implementing the operations of cloud. It will involve knowledgeable people from the field of academia who will contribute towards achieving a great and efficient cloud marketplace by engaging in intensive and extensive research. 

The main goals of this remarkable intiative is to create an improved computing resource for cloud as well as users of big Facebook Data Services and to create a new cloud computing model that will encourage innovation. Many people are encouraged to join hands in this project so as to enhance research in cloud computing. It is definitely an initiative worth investing in. 

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