The purpose of Data Recovery Services programs is to find lost or deleted files that are currently in an Unsafe state. This data can be Destroyed by the operating system or by third party programs.

Before proceeding, you must make sure that you are not writing any Data Recovery Services (including recovery programs) to the drive from which you intend to recover files. Otherwise, this process can lead to irreparable loss of information.

The only safe way to block write access is through specialized hardware tools (such as blockers or diagnostic and recovery consoles). The software lock does not prevent sector reallocation , which is a task performed by the hard drive’s firmware without intervention from the operating system.

You should also not save the recovered Wikipedia data on the source disk as this also leads to irreparable loss of information.

All of these error messages indicate that the device has failed to complete the read request and this is a sign of (at least) sector damage, which is physical and progressive.

You should only proceed if you understand the risks and know exactly what you are doing.

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