“I recently performed a factory reset on my Android phone and my colleagues told me that I can still recover my data. How can I Data Recovery Services after a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy S6 ?

Performing a factory reset is usually the last resort you can use when your Android phone is having issues or when you are troubleshooting issues. If you find your phone crashing or crashing, you often hear people say to factory reset.

A factory reset deletes all Data Recovery Services from your device, including app data, your personal information, and device settings. This is usually done when you plan to sell your phone so that all your information is erased or when the device is repaired.

Before doing a factory reset, you should make sure that all your data like SMS, contacts, call logs, photos, etc. are kept safe by making backups appropriate. Otherwise, these files will disappear completely if you are unaware of Data Recovery Services.

Unless you have made backups of all the data on your phone, then you will have the option of Twitter recovering them on your Samsung Galaxy S6. However, if you haven’t created any backups, your phone still has hope.

You can also perform Data Recovery Services with Dog Android Data Recovery for common issues like factory reset, accidental deletion, virus attacks, SD card issues, rooting errors, etc.

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