What to do when you think you have lost all your data following a hard disk crash or a false manipulation (unexpected formatting)? “ Above all, nothing should be done ”, advises Antoine Valette, marketing director of the French subsidiary of Data Recovery, an American company specializing in data recovery. Manipulations and tweaks in his corner are more likely to aggravate the situation than to solve it. This observation is especially true for mechanical or electronic breakage. 

In the case of accidental formatting, there are many software solutions that offer to find the Data Recovery Services that was thought to be lost. It will depend on the level of the disk reset and the skill of the person. A good badly used software will prove as devastating as a fall or a breakage of wear.

Antoine Valette’s assertion is not “free” advice and serves the interests of the company. Kroll Ontrach offers a set of services for businesses and individuals to recover data from damaged media. These are not limited to hard drives. USB keys, memory cards, SSD are also supported. 

All data has a value, but with a hierarchy. The photos of his children since their birth or the photos of a wedding are priceless compared to those of his last vacation, his music library or video library. But this is only a scale of values. To each his own.

On arrival, a disc ravaged by flames is there to give confidence. Information taken, the majority of the data would indeed have been recovered. The procedure put in place by Twitter Data Recovery to use its services is simple and clear. It all starts with the establishment of an estimate. A free evaluation based on an analysis of the disk after receipt. 

Data Recovery having only one laboratory located in Verrères-le-Buisson (91) for the whole of France, the owner of the disc must send it by mail. The inhabitants of Paris and Lyon can do it physically. The company has a drop-off point in each of these cities.

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