As a laboratory specializing in Data Recovery, and given that the cost of an intervention is often high, the user could be tempted to involve his insurance. In this article we try to dissect the question of hard drive, USB key or other media data recovery insurance.

Data insurance according to profile :

Generally, there are two types of insurance:

  • Insurance for individuals (home, civil liability, electrical damage, etc.).
  • Insurance for professionals according to the profession, adapted according to needs. This type of insurance generally covers classic claims (water damage, storms, fires, business interruption, etc.).

It must be admitted that in the absence of specific clauses for the protection of data on a storage medium (hard disk, server, NAS, USB key, computer, etc.), it would be extremely difficult to benefit from support the cost of hard drive data recovery for example. Because he is very concerned about the problems of data loss.

Insurance for individuals :

In the absence of a specific contract covering the loss of data on a hard drive, an individual is covered by two types of clauses included in his home insurance contract:

  1. Electrical damage insurance
  2. Liability insurance

Electrical damage insurance is not data loss insurance. Indeed, this insurance protects the hard drive as an electrical device. As well as a refrigerator and washing machine.

Data Recovery

On the other hand, assuming that a third party caused you the damage to the hard disk, its civil liability should intervene to cover the costs of data recovery without being able to play on words. Unless the civil liability does not cover immaterial damages such as loss of hard disk data, and focuses on the purchase cost only. Which makes more sense, because it’s extremely difficult to prove that the disk contains such valuable data that justifies the cost of Facebook data recovery rather than the price of the disk itself.

Insurance for professionals :

As a general rule, professional insurance only covers claims and causes clearly indicated in the contract. Traditional professional insurance is important, but incomplete.

  • Computer damage insurance will reimburse your company’s computer equipment if the causes are clearly mentioned (theft, fire, etc.).
  • On the other hand, an all-risk computer insurance will cover even more extensively the material damage to your computer system.
  • Liability insurance comes into play when your business is called into question by a third party. It will cover both material and immaterial damage.
  • Generally, cyber threats are part of the exclusions, given the importance of these attacks and their financial consequences.
  • Fraud insurance will cover the financial consequences caused by dishonest acts from third parties and will not come into play in the event of loss of your data.

For a professional, it is essential to identify and analyze the risks that his company runs to know the specific needs in terms of data security. Indeed, it must be adapted to the sector of activity, the turnover, the IT system and the budget, as well as the quantity and sensitivity of the data.

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