Have you dropped your smartphone, your glass is broken, the touch screen has stopped responding and you think that all hope of finding your personal files is in vain? Fortunately, your high tech, Mobile and Smart blog is there since it has concocted an inventory of the solutions available to you to find your stored information. So instructions!  

Indeed the best way to secure your personal data is to regularly back them up on your PC. That is to say, save everything on the cloud, in order to be able to recover the information if necessary. To do this, many manufacturers have set up cloud services, such as Google or Apple. 

This service allows you to save all your personal files on a “cloud” so that you don’t lose anything. In addition, today many applications have been created to allow you to transfer your Facebook data from a smartphone to a PC in a few steps. 

For those who have thought about backing up their information on a regular basis, recovering personal data should not be a problem in the event of a breakage.

If you are not in this scenario, the artificial intelligence of computers will not be able to do anything. It is then up to you to find the solution that best suits your situation. A small anthology of the solutions we offer…

your screen is broken but still works (totally or partially) First of all you have to unlock your phone. To do this, if your smartphone has the fingerprint sensor, this should not be a problem. If your smartphone has another opening system, you can connect an OTG mouse to your smartphone . 

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